How to be a Consignor

1) Register for our next event on the right side of this page. We charge a $6.00 consignor fee that you will be prompted to pay during registration.  Once registered, you will receive your consignor number and directions on how to get started. Your consignor number will track all of your items during the sale.

2) Organize what you want to sell. Create a tag on cardstock for each item by clicking on Consignor Resources.  A unique barcode will be created for each of your items, allowing us to track what items have sold. You will also be able to view that information during the sale.

You set the prices. We recommend pricing items at 1/4 of the original price depending on the condition and quality of the item. Remember shoppers are looking for great deals.  Clothing items need to be hung on child size hangers.

3) Schedule a drop off time.

4) Consider signing up for a volunteer shift to earn an extra 10%.  Click on the Volunteer link under Helpful Resources on our website.

5) Come shop the sale! Check out the great deals and spread the word.

6) Pick up items not being donated to charity immediately following the sale. Items not picked up will automatically be donated unless arrangements have been made.

7) Wait for your check. You'll get it within two weeks after the event.