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Acceptable Item Guidelines

*Safety is important to us. Please make sure none of your items have been recalled. Visit here to see what items have been recalled. Do not knowingly bring any of them to the sale. Thank you!

Clothing: We accept infant and children's sizes up to size 12. All clothes must be in excellent condition and clean. They MUST be free of rips, stains, and tears. Any items not meeting these guidelines will not be sold. Make sure all buttons are in place, and all zippers and snaps work properly. We accept Gap, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, Oshkosh, and other like new clothing. We also accept maternity clothes. Spring/Summer as well as Fall/Winter items will be accepted at our next event.

Small Items: Small loose items like bibs, bows, and socks should be placed in a clear bag with the tag securely attached. These items sell best in groups.

Shoes: All shoes must be in new or like new condition. Tie shoes together by the laces or use a ribbon or string. Be sure to securely attach the tag.

Toys: All toys must be clean and in good working order. Please make sure your items have not been recalled. Items requiring batteries must have them included so that shoppers can be sure the item works. If batteries are not included, the item will not be sold. Any small parts or accessories should be placed in a bag and attached to the items for sale. We will only accept stuffed animals that are well known characters like Elmo or Mickey Mouse.

Books and Movies: Books cannot have ripped or torn pages. Please use scotch tape to secure tags to these items. Other tape can rip covers. We no longer accept VHS tapes.

Infant Equipment: Items like Boppy pillows, bouncers, bathtubs, play gyms, high chairs, swings, and strollers can all be brought to the sale. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CAR SEATS for safety reasons. It is a good idea to group smaller items like rattles, bibs, or hats together in bags.

Larger Items: Furniture and large equipment are welcomed, but need to be cleared by Cousins' Closet before being brought to the sale. Please contact us at if you are interested in bringing a larger item. Include a short description of the item and a picture if possible.

Hanging Items
Please note that after tagging, all clothing items must be hung on a child size hanger.  Maternity items may be hung on adult hangers.  Place hangers with the hook like a question mark (?) and attach the tag with a safety pin on the right side of the garment as you face it.

Securing Items
Please make sure that items with multiple parts or pieces are well secured. Cousins' Closet is not responsible for items separated at the sale.