FAQ from Consignors

We welcome your questions. Below is as a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If your question is not address here, please feel free to email us at cousinscloset@hotmail.com.

Can I get my hangers back after the sale?

Yes, hangers from sold items are removed and placed into large bins. Consignors are welcome to take the same quantity and quality as they put in when the sale is complete. They will be available during pickup.

Where can I find inexpensive hangers?

We recommend checking out places like your nearest Dollar store or Wal-Mart. You can also often get free hangers by asking stores that carry children's clothing (Carters, Oshkosh, Old Navy, etc...) We recommend calling ahead.

Where is pickup?

Pick is at the sale location, Beaverton Christian Church. Please use the Wilson Street Entrance.

When is pickup?

To allow time to gather and sort items pickup is between 7pm-8pm on Saturday June 9th. Items not picked up during that time will be donated.

Can I use my handwritten tags from past sales instead of creating new ones with barcodes?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Only barcoded items can be sold. To save time, we recommend first creating new barcoded tags for those items and then stapling them to the old tags if they are still attached.

Why are you now using barcoded tags?

It will allow for a smoother checkout process and now consignors can track their sold items during the sale.

When do I pay my consignor fee?

You will be prompted to pay your $6.00 consignor fee during registration.

Is there a presale for consingors?
Yes, as a consignor you are invited to join us Friday, June 8 from 9:00am-10:00am to shop before we open to the public.  You are welcome to bring one guest with you.

When is the cut off for entering items in the system?
Items may be entered into the system until Thursday, June 7th at noon.